Apoblazar joins hands with BMW to create a luxurious and energetic space

“Trend, all in the BMW vitality space”, the cross-border cooperation between luxury and fashion that started half a month ago in May 2021 detonated Huzhou Junbao, and trendy people gathered at the scene.

Facing Generation Z, Apoblazar aims to unlock the current trend code. Taking the launch of BMW’s new second-series UKL four-door coupe as an opportunity, this event opened the curtain of a trendy cultural space of luxury and fashion.

In the post-epidemic era, the scale of the fashion market has risen sharply, and users’ consumption enthusiasm has been released. As a fashion platform, Apoblazar has keenly discovered that Generation Z has become the main force of consumption in the apparel industry. Unlike the previous consumers, Generation Z pursues a transition from aesthetics to self-expression. Trend control, deconstruction of fashion, early adopters and novelty hunting, culture out of the circle, and such rich and diverse new elements drive Generation Z to explore the broader possibility of luxury and fashion.


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